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Sapporo Odori Beer Garden~July 22–August 16, 2015~
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2015年札幌大通露天啤酒節 7月22日〜8月16日


札幌大通露天啤酒節是在大通公園舉辦札幌一年一度的盛會,從1959年首次舉辦至今已經有56年的歷史。北海道在經歷了一年的寒冬,人們已經迫不及待要享受夏天的氣氛。位於札幌市中心的大通公園以長條狀的公園綠地聞名,每年在公園綠地的四周圍設置了來自北海道各地美食攤位,五花八門應有盡有。有烤白老牛、小樽葡萄酒、碳烤帆立貝。啤酒節當然就更少不了主角啤酒-在這裡你可以喝到來自日本各地甚至國外的啤酒,對於嗜酒的朋友們更不可以錯過唷哈哈! 因為每年都太多店家想要參加,據說是日本最大的日本露天啤酒節。攤位的中央會設置桌椅讓大家可以坐著聊天品嚐美食,享受屬於北海道夏日夜晚的沁涼悠閒。






Sapporo Odori Beer Garden~July 22–August 16, 2015~

Hi there, are you ready for the largest Beer Garden in Japan.”Sapporo Odori Beer Garden”?

”Sapporo Odori Beer Garden”is summer event held every year in Odori Park in the center of the city of Sapporo since 1959. It is said to be the nation’s largest beer garden. After the long and cold winter, people in Hokkaido are all thirsty for some summer atmosphere. The Odori Park is famous for spanning about 1.5 km in the heart of Sapporo. During the Beer Garden event, there are selected food stand where you can taste all kind of wonderful cuisine with quality Hokkaido ingredient. Like Shiraoi beef, scallop and otaru wine too. Of course, you cannot miss the beer for sure! Not only domestic beer from all over Japan, there are also beer imported from other countries which being served during the event. Tables will be set up in the middle of food court area. Come and enjoy a different summer with us in Odori Park, Hokkaido.