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JR Tower
JJ Mao
JJ Mao
政治大學(National Chengchi University)
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札幌 JR Tower 展望台

每到一個城市,都想要拍到那個城市最美麗的夜景;而在札幌住了好幾個月,第一次登上JR Tower展望台看夜景,這裡夜景讓我驚艷!JR Tower其實是有許多百貨像APIA、ESTA、PASEO、札幌Stellar Place購成的複合式商場,也跟JR札幌車站緊緊相鄰、因此交通相當便利,購物、飲食、看夜景都可以一次滿足!

傍晚的藍色魔幻時刻降臨,札幌市美麗的夜景在眼前大片展開,比以往我拍過的夜景都還要亮,我想大概是因為有雪的關係吧!這片醉人的札幌夜景,有機會一定要在冬天上來JR Tower看看~!

JR Tower

Whenever I travel in a city, I want to take the city’s most beautiful night view .Though I have lived in Sapporo for several months, it was my first time to go onto the JR Tower to see the night view, and it really amazed me. JR Tower actually is a compounded shopping mall that there are many department stores like APIA, ESTA, PASEO, and Sapporo Stellar Place. Because of closely adjacent with JR Sapporo Station, the transportation is very convenient, and you can go shopping, eating, look at night view all at this place!

Blue “magic moment” came in the evening, amazing Sapporo night view spreaded out in front of me. And the night view was righter than that I ever have saw. I think probably because the snow reflected more light ! If you have the opportunity and time , then must come and see this intoxicating Sapporo night view on JR Tower in winter ~!