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Royce Ice Hills Hotel
JJ Mao
JJ Mao
政治大學(National Chengchi University)
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Royce Ice Hills Hotel (ROYCE'冰山酒店)

在札幌近郊的當別町(Tobetsu)有了一座冬天才會出現的冰雪飯店- ROYCE'冰山酒店。可以讓遊客免費參觀、且是真正可入住的冰雪"飯店",當時一看到就很想去看看!於是就利用了一個下午的時間過去看看,雖然面積不大,但真的很有特色喔!





Royce Ice Hills Hotel



There are a special hotel in Tobetsu (the suburban of Sapporo) , which only appear in winter time.

Free for all visitors and really can stay for one night, this hotel make me really want to visit it! So I took an afternoon to have a look. Though this hotel was small in size, but really unique one!

There were an “Ice bar” where you can drink a cup of hot chocolate or wine. And you can visit three different types of igloo room and behind the hotel there were a small hill with snow where you can play! And in addition to the visit, you can also ride a snow bike for free. The tire is being specially designed for bicycle that you can take a safe ride on the snow.

While another very special experience was “Snowmobiling” which took 500 yen. But I think it is worth it! Drived a snowmobiling by myself and led by a staff to detour around the hotel was a really specialexperience!