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Snow Museum
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在旭川市有一處相當特別的美術館,稱之為"雪的美術館",自從知道有這個地方後,就想如果有來到旭川的話一定要造訪一下。雪的美術館離旭川車站有點距離,若是利用巴士的話,從站牌走到美術館也還需要約15分鐘的步行時間,最方便的前往方式就是到旭川車站附近的Smile Hotel預約免費接駁車,就可以直接進到美術館園區了!







Snow Museum

In Asahikawa there are a very special art gallery, called “Snow Museum”. (雪の芸術舘)

Since I know this place I really want to visit here! Snow museum has a distance from Asahikawa Station. If use of city bus, it still has to walk about 15 minutes from bus station to the museum. The most convenient way is to go to the “Smile Hotel” nearby Asahikawa Station, where you can reserve free shuttle bus directly to the museum.



Snow museum exterior looks like a beautiful European castle, the museum describes the formation of snow, snow’s category, and all kinds of knowledge about the snow. There is a corridor placing huge ice sculpture! If you observe carefully in the museum, you can find many places decorated with snowflake shapes! The picture above is collection of snow crystal. The shape change by the temperature and the humidity.

At the central music concert hall, you can feel the solemn and romantic atmosphere. And there is the real venue that can hold wedding! Next to the music concert hall is wedding hall where you can watch and try on. That’s what a wonderful thing that if I can hold a romantic wedding here!