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Asahiyama zoo
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Asahiyama zoo

Located in Hokkaido Asahikawa, Asahiyama zoo is very famous in Japan. The movie “Penguins in the Sky – Asahiyama Zoo” is adapted by real story, make Asahiyama zoo much more famous. Asahiyama zoo is famous for “interactive experience” which is not only see animals but more closely interact with them!

 And the most well-known activity is “Penguins Walking” which is only show in winter!

From every year December to next year March there are cute Penguins walking on the street in front of the Penguin House, which attract many customers to this zoo. (Time is 11 a.m. in the morning and 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon every day)

The penguins swayed their bodies on the street was so cute that I can’t stop taking pictures.

And you can never see this scenery in other zoo.




Except for Penguins Walk, you can also see many kinds of animals here, like polar bear, snow leopard and some Hokkaido animals.

And the “Snow Lights Zoo” is only held in winter too, open from Feb.6 to Feb.11 every day until night 7:30 p.m.

If have chance to see the zoo at night that would be pretty cool!




And the open hours are short in the winter, so if you’d like to come here then come early!

So that you can take your time to explore with animals ~