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Goryokaku Park 
Edison Huang
Edison Huang
Hokkaido University
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五陵角 (3)五稜郭公園曾經是個軍事堡壘,經歷過函館之戰,戌辰的最後一場戰役,當皇軍終於完成日本所有領土的統治。這也是日本末代武士們英勇地對抗西化的皇軍的地方。充滿歷史元素,五稜郭公園是想感受函館在明治時期重要性的必去之地!





 五陵角 (4)

Goryokaku Park 

Goryokaku Park was a military fortress that has weathered the battle of Hakodate, the last battle of the Boshin war in which imperial forces finally completed its supreme rule above all Japanese land. This was the place where the last samurais of Japan fought courageously against the westernized imperial government. Rich with historical elements, Goryokaku park is a must visit to fully appreciate the importance of Hakodate city in the Meiji era.

Once I entered the park, I was once more overcame by the beauty of the scenery, the well-organized bushes and flowers, and the sentiment of historical nostalgia. Taken part by part, Goryokaku Park may seem like a normal park with many stone platforms, but it doesn’t feel the same anymore once I have seen it from above.



Moreover, Goryokaku Park also offers an amazing view of the entire star-shaped park from the top of Goryokaku tower. Breath-taking is the symmetry and magnificence of the park that I was truly glad to have ascended to the top of the tower. At the first floor of the tower are special souvenirs that can only be found at Goryokaku tower.

 For those who want to dig into the historical richness of Hakodate, and appreciate enjoy the incomparable view of not only the star-shaped fortress also the whole Hakodate city, Goryokaku Park is the place to go!